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he site contains the translation of the English version into other languages. Such translation is published solely for convenience. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and translated versions, the English version shall prevail. If you notice a discrepancy in these versions, please report it to us at


The Website is not responsible for any losses, damages and claims arising as a result of events arising out of the following five categories:
(1) User errors related to CryptoBank software and services, for example: loss of password, sending CryptoBank coins payments to the wrong address, unintentional deletion of wallets.
(2) Problems with the operation of the site or any software or service associated with MyCryptoBank, such as: a damaged file-wallet, incorrectly created transactions, unsecure cryptographic libraries, malicious codes that could compromise the site or any software or service associated with MyCryptoBank.

(3) Technical problems of the user’s devices or any software or service associated with MyCryptoBank, for example, loss of data due to a defective or damaged storage device.

(4) the security Issues facing any user of the software or service related MyCryptoBank, for example, unauthorized access to the wallets or accounts that owned user.

(5) The actions or inactions of third parties and / or events affecting third parties, such as bankruptcy of service providers, information attacks or fraud by third parties.

Investment Risks

Investments in MyCryptoBank may not lead to funds losses in the short or even long term. Persons investing in MyCryptoBank may be sure that the Cryptobank coins price are not volatility. According to the information posted on the Website, this Website ensures that investors in MyCryptoBank will not lose money due to volatility.

Compliance with tax legislation and regulations

The users themselves determine what MyCryptoBank coins are subject to taxation (if any). The Website owners and the persons participating in the development of this Website are not responsible for your actions with respect to the taxation of MyCryptoBank coins.

Limitation of Liability

Unless otherwise provided by the rules, Website owners and MyCryptoBank project participants be liable for losses related to cryptocurrency assets not related to MyCryptoBank coins (CBD, CBE, CBR, CBY), including but not limited to loss of access, loss of profits, loss of data connected in any way with the use of crypto assets not broadcast in MyCryptoBank blockchain under no circumstances.


The User of the Site agrees to arbitrate any conflict related to the Site or this disclaimer, except for conflicts related to the protection of violated literary property, logo, brand, and trade patents.

Irrevocable transactions

The user MyCryptoBank agree that e-payment between two parties takes place without intermediaries and irrevocable. This system rely on an irrevocability of the confirmed transactions (including payment that was sent to incorrect or nonexistent address, or if the transaction has been signed with the private key, which has become known to others). Funds may not be blocked (arrested), including temporarily, in the absence of the privat key. At the same time, multisig technology allows you to attract a third party (arbitrator) and implement “revocable transactions”. Due to special script it is possible to implement other variants of smart contracts.