This is a group of individual blockchain algorithms, presented in the form of cryptocurrencies (altcoins), created on the basis of Bitcoin.

CryptoBank is a set of cryptocurrencies, created on the basis of bitcoin and united on one platform, which is controlled by an independent community by voting on the CBMT platform. At the moment, CryptoBank includes four independent of each other Blockchains, each of which is fixed to the world’s finest currencies, such as the US dollar

The CryptoBank currency is an independent blockchain (cbd, cbe, cbr, cby) that contains individual coin release rules and mining algorithms, as well as a bitcoin core built on the original source code, with the ability to connect to each of the smart contracts.

That’s why CryptoBank also works as an ordinary bank, but it also keeps all the features of Blockchain technologies, such as decentralized transactions, full transparency, pseudo-anonymity, and only you act as a custodian of your funds, and if the network has already confirmed your transaction, then no one in your right to take your money.

Bitcoin’s mining algorithm for CryptoBank has also undergone many modifications in order to achieve many functions and advantages that are not available in other cryptocurrencies and traditional banks.

These modifications include such concepts as “authorized mining”

Authorized mining is the process of checking the miners and allowances for mining only with the permission of the central authority of CryptoBank through independent voting on the CBMT platform.

Such steps are necessary in order to exclude in CryptoBank various methods of attacks on a network known in bitcoin and other altcoins such as “Attack 51%”, double waste of coins, network spam by transactions, and other known methods of attacks on decentralized networks.

The new blocks do not contain a reward for the extracted block, so the miners can only count on the funds that will be received from the network customers for including their transactions in the block.

At the moment, we provide  our service through metamask


The minimum denomination in all Blockchain CryptoBank: 0.01

Coins are put into circulation only in exchange for other crypto-currencies under strict consideration of analysts and financiers of the CryptoBank team and also independent consultants.

Blockchain Depoit Algorithm is a computational function that starts automatically on the last day of each month and works according to the following principle.

If the wallet has coins without movement for at least one whole month, then it will receive deductions according to the current algorithm

No, they accumulate on the site account where you can then make withdrawals from.


Profits can be required easily by submitting a request by way of the official withdrawal page.


Bitcoin transactions will be added after one confirmation while other currencies will occur after a payment has been made.


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