At the moment, many transactions in the MyCryptoBank network are processed with zero fees. If the transaction has a large number of inputs (that contains a lot of data), the presence of a minor fee take place.

All miners may process transaction and receive the fee. Every block in the network include all transactions information and, in particular, its fees. Thus, the user or group of users who has found any block would receive a commission for all the transactions that it contained.

The addition of the fees in the transaction – a voluntary process, but the user who found the block, may add the transaction at his discretion. In this regard, the priority of transactions with zero commission is low enough, and transactions that have minimum commission (0.02 coins) with a standard priority will most likely include in the block.

In the current implementation, the miner does not receive a reward for the block and the main source of income for the miners is the transaction fee. But, despite the lack of reward for the block, the meaning of the mine still remains, since the miner, who first found the block, will receive a commission included in it as a reward.

It is also worth noting that all the miners in the MyCryptoBank network need to authorize and then MyCryptoBank auditors will monitor its activities in the network. In this regard, the likelihood that the miners will manipulate their position in the network to achieve the greatest profit minimize, otherwise such actions will threaten him with an exception from the list of authorized miners.

The minimum unit in the MyCryptoBank network is 0.02 coins. Accordingly, the minimum commission in the transaction will be 0.02 one. Original MyCryptoBank wallet always requests a confirmation from the user for the commission. If the user refuses to pay commission fees, he may put 0.00. The average transaction size, at the moment, is approximately 500 bytes, which corresponds to a fee of 0.02 coins.