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Make Better Use Of your coin.Lend it and get paid back in fiat with interest rate. or sell it to consumers for Fiat Currency.This Account Gives you the Ability To do more than just transactions

Benefits Of Being A Private investor With MCB

Although cryptocurrencies have had explosive returns since their inception, the market capitalization is just over 395 billion US dollars as of November 3rd, 2020. The good days of the industry are potentially yet to come. MyCryptobank aims to capitalize on the current opportunity in the market to maximize investors return.

For $30 Monthly Investors Get :

How to use

we provide lending services through private investors,investors can look through loan applications and choose who to lend to if they meet MCB and investors requirement.Using the Files, Investors can create a loan agreement which they can share with there borrowers to sign.

Loans are Lent on monthly Basis with 2.5 to 8 % interest rate.Borrowers Must have 50% of money asked on there MCB Account as collateral.


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