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Future Of Crypto Banking

Why Choose MCB

MCB built on the Bitcoin open source code. This guaranties complete security and transparency of any transactions that have become available thanks to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Safe & Secure

Each person has the opportunity to transfer currency between different exchanges or Accounts/Wallets.

Experts Support

We solve problems and prevent them. We are always happy to help you.


Convenient management of funds does not take much time.

Accounts With MCB

We offer Different types of Accounts to Best Suit You. A secure deposit Account to Store your currencies and an Investors Account for Investors to earn While Lending.

Our Secure Deposit Account Give You the Ability to Deposit,Transfer,Withdraw Funds And Also the ability to buy/sell and swab currencies within accounts. With Simple Verification You can Request Withdrawal For Fiat.

Deposit Account

Our Investors Account comes with a secure wallet Account and the ability to earn interest Lending to people. Keep Track of loans you lent out and payments From Borrowers. Upgrade Your Account For More.

Investors Account
Suitable For Investors

Get A Secure Wallet Account & Stop Loosing Your Currencies in your Bloackchain Wallets

Get a secure Wallet Account and don't loose your currencies when you loose access to your blockchain wallet. Transfer your funds from your block-chain wallet to mycrypto account, store,transfer to other accounts and enjoy peace of mind.

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